Obstacle/Performance Explanations and Expectations

The obstacle/performance classes can be seen as an extension of showmanship class. Not only is the
alpaca/handler team completing the obstacles, but also showing what they have accomplished on a
trust level. The alpaca has to show that they trust the handler and will follow on a slack lead, stand when
asked, and follow simple commands.

The obstacles are all designed to mimic what the alpaca will
possibly see in their travels to and from farms as well as on the individual farms. The handler is to guide
their alpaca through the course in the direct path that is set out. Deviation from the course will result in
penalties and lower ranking. The judging sheet from the course 2013 is attached.

SHOWMANSHIP AND OBSTACLE has been CANCELLED for the 2018 show.

Availabe Donwloads

Overall, handlers should attempt to do the course with a slack lead, their alpaca following just
behind and to the right of them. A tight lead will dock points, as will balking or skipping an obstacle. An
alpaca that trusts their handler is an alpaca that becomes easy to work with and is a pleasure on any
farm. Note, by missing an obstacle, or doing one out of order, a score of 0 is recorded, and
alpaca/handler pair get placed at the bottom of the rankings, 3 failed attempts gets a score of 0, but
alpaca/handler pair does not get ranked at the bottom. Every ranking is at the judge's discretion to a
maximum of 10 points per obstacle.

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