Guest Speakers
Wini Labrecque
2013 Fall Education Event

Wini Labrecque is co-owner of American Alpaca Textiles, LLC, a company dedicated to utilization of North American sourced and processed alpaca fiber in fabric, rugs and home decor items. She has been involved in fiber arts and production since 1988. With fiber as her profession, Wini continues to study, train and evaluate its properties from both a scientific and hands on approach.  As a textile artist, she has developed a solid background and interest in a wide variety of techniques for utilization of fiber from raw state to finished product. Focusing on alpaca fiber, Wini became an AOBA Certified Fleece Judge in 2009. She is a Fiber Arts judge as well as a judge for spin offs, hand spun and mill spun skein competitions, fleece to shawl competitions and other fiber related shows. Wini has completed training and certification as a camelid fiber grader/sorter through Olds College, Alberta Canada and is currently finishing her certification as a camelid fiber classer. She is working with the International Yak Association to develop criteria to evaluate yak fiber and is assisting an international group understand cashmere fiber quality and grades. She lectures on all aspects of alpaca fiber from evaluation, judging, sorting/grading and utilization to finished products. She is also available for classes in beginning spinning, felting, dying and/or weaving to individuals or small groups.

WINI LABRECQUE, Fiber professional & textile artist