Mary-Ann English AO Spin-Off Competition 2010

Congratulations on a terrific turn out for the 2010 Spin-off Competition. A total of 74 entries from 7 colour classes were sent out to be spun and judged by some talented and experienced ladies. The skeins returned are lovely examples of what alpaca yarn can look like and how soft it can feel in the hands of an experienced spinner.
Our 2010 Spinners;

White Class – Sylvia Currie – 11 entries

On spinning alpaca Sylvia said "Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Alpaca Ontario Spin-off Competition. It has been an interesting experience, and most enjoyable to handle such lovely fibres."

Sylvia's spinning days began in the 1960's, on a bobbin winder, under the tutelege of Ted Carson in Oakville. On moving to Kingston, she joined the Kingston Handloom Weavers' Guild; note no reference to spinning! Ted came to town, got them all spinning, and shortly the guild's name changed to the Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners. Over the years Sylvia has participated and led a number of spinning/weaving workshops. Spinning has taken Sylvia to many varied and interesting places, from Scotland to New Zealand, to Holman Island in the Canadian Arctic, to the Queen Charlotte Islands and to Patagonia, where the guanacos greeted us. And with a spindle tucked in her bag, there was never a lack of something to do.

Light Class – Cindy O'Gorman – 11 entries

On spinning alpaca Cindy said The soft alpaca samples were a pleasure to handle and spin. The colours were lovely and I was especially impressed with the older age groups which could rival the younger ones; a well achieved breeding goal."

Cindy has been spinning for 10 years, having been inspired to learn to spin when she met alpacas. Since then, she has been an active member of the Ottawa Valley Weavers' and Spinners' Guild, being especially involved in demonstrating and teaching her love of fibres and fibre arts. In 2009, Cindy graduated with Distinction from the OHS Spinning Certificate program completing 6 years of study at the Haliburton School of Arts. She especially enjoys spinning and combining natural coloured fibres. She lives on Hill Grove Farm in Dunrobin, Ontario with her husband and 2 children raising a variety of fibre animals including a flock of Shetland Sheep.
Fawn Class – Diny Warren – 8 entries

On spinning alpaca Diny said "I enjoyed the process and thought overall the fibre was excellent. Most had very good lock formation, those that didn't were more difficult to prepare. There was no guard hair present in any samples which was very nice and made the yarn much softer."

Diny has been spinning fibres since the mid 80's. She was involved for 3 years in the Sheep to Shawl Demonstration at the Royal Winter Fair in the late 80's. Diny took the Ontario Handspinning Certificate Course from 1991 to 1996 with the OHS Master Certificate after the completion of the in-depth study on "Hemp A Classic Revisited in 2002".
Diny has attended the Ontario Handspinning Seminar since 1986 and has been involved with the Seminar in several capacities. At present Diny is a member of: The London Weavers and Spinners Guild, The Stratford Pioneer Treadles and The Simply Hooked rug hooking guild.

Brown Class – Diane Stewart – 21 entries

On spinning alpaca Diane said "These fleeces demonstrate care and attention. I am impressed with the consistent quality of the fibres that I receive to evaluate. Spinners have access to beautiful alpaca here in Ontario."

Diane is a retired English teacher who has been spinning since 1977. She now works as a textile artist, knitting, quilting, and working on commissioned spinning projects featuring dog fibre blends. Diane graduated in 2009 from the six-year OHS Certificate which offers instruction in every spinnable fibre. This is her third year judging Ontario alpaca.

Black Class – Kay James – 6 entries

On spinning alpaca Kay said "Thank you for providing some excellent fleece to work with. It was a pleasure spinning the samples knowing the difficulties in raising these beautiful animals and after all that getting the fleece to the competition stage."

Spinning became second nature to Kathryn, a retired physical and health education teacher, when Border Leicester sheep were purchased in 1989. She took six lessons from Diane Adam in Richmond, Ontario and for the next 10 years enjoyed blissful experimenting with fibre of all kinds. She began the certificate program at St. Lawrence College with Beth Abbott, graduating in 2006. Kathryn belongs to OHS and is the past representative for Eastern Ontario, making new friends and preparing workshops along the way. The West Carleton Fibre Guild manages to keep her interested in new fibre works and she takes every opportunity to teach others spinning at her farm in Almonte.

Grey Class – Donna Lonergan – 10 entries

On spinning alpaca Donna said "My experience doing the judging and spinning of these alpaca fleeces was great. I felt it was very thought provoking and a great learning tool."

Donna Lonergan is a retired Registered Nurse who has had a passion for spinning for over 30 years. She has taken many courses to better herself and has given workshops on nature dyeing, rainbow dyeing, kumihimo, drop spindle, wet felting and also a workshop on seacell, seawool and seasilk at Georgian College. Donna also does demonstrations at pioneer villages and the grade 3 programs in many area schools. Articles of hers have been published in The Spinning Wheel Sleuth.
Multi Class – Harriet Boon – 3 entries

Harriet learned to spin in the early 1970's and earned a Master Spinner Certification from Georgian College in 1976. She assisted in designing the Ontario Handspinners & Weavers (OHS) Master spinner certificate course and has been an instructor with the program since 1980. Harriet has lectured and presented textile workshops in Canada and the United States, and is a certified Ontario Wool Judge. She is presently a member of several guilds and continues to work with OHS and the Ontario Handspinning Seminar.
Harriet enjoyed the challenge and experience of spinning and judging the alpaca samples.
Thank you to all of our wonderful spinners who make competitions such as these possible. The time you take to score and comment on our entries is greatly appreciated by all participants.


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