Mary-Ann English AO Spin-Off Competition 2009

Thank you to all who entered this year's spin off competition. 61 fleeces in the colour groups white/beige, fawn, brown, black and grey were prepared for spinning and evaluated by four master spinners. First, second and third place winners were displayed at the Alpaca Fibre Fantasy display during the Alpaca Ontario Show on April 18/19, 2009.
Kay James returned as spinner/judge. She judged the white/beige colour group and commented:

"Thank you for preparing beautiful samples, with well differentiated long staples, clean and extremely fine and lofty. I have to say the alpaca raised in Ontario could be used by any handspinner quite successfully. It was my pleasure to be a part of your competition."

Kathryn learned to spin with Diane Adam in Richmond in 1989 and for ten years she spun wool, silk, angora, alpaca, llama, and several far out blends with bast fibres. After attending a spinning course at Haliburton, she embarked on a 6 year program learning about fibre. Not willing to give up such a tremendous challenge, she graduated in 2006 with the OHS spinning certificate. Since then, she has given workshops in soapmaking, basketry, felting, designer yarns, natural dying, and exotic fibres. She has participated in wonderful competitions such as International Back to Back and sheep to shawl. As a retired PHE teacher, she enjoys providing a monthly forum for spinners at her farm near Appleton and, in the meantime, attends local guild meetings, conferences, and seminars for inspiration. Kathryn is in her fourth year as the OHS representative for Eastern Ontario.
Diane R. E. Stewart returned as spinner/judge of the fawn colour group. Her comments:

"The presentation was careful; locks, for the most part, placed into bags carefully. The fibres were lovely, especially the yearling group: clean and soft. All of the fibres were enjoyable to spin."

Diane is a retired English teacher turned textile artist who is completing year six of the OHS Certificate in handspinning. Her Design Challenge final project features dog fibre blends. She works on private commissions and teaches handspinning. Occasionally, she writes articles for Fibre Focus. Diane is delighted to be part of the team evaluating and spinning these gorgeous alpaca samples.
Beth Abbot returned as spinner/judge of the brown colour category and commented:

"The fleeces were much better this year. I found the info sheet very helpful this year."

I started spinning in the mid 70's and graduated with a Master Spinner Certificate in June 1990. My thesis was The Icelandic Fleece – which was later published into a book "The Icelandic Fleece – A Fibre for All Reasons". I have taught workshops for close to 20 years – and am an active teacher in the Spinning Certificate program with the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners. My special areas of interest are: Silk, Icelandic Fleece, Technical aspects of spinning – such as worsted preparation and spinning, controlling twist in yarns. I am also a fibre artist – graduating this spring from the Fibre Arts Certificate course in Quilting Arts at St. Lawrence College. I teach at St. Lawrence College and at Haliburton School of Art during the summer school programs as well as the winter interest courses.
Jean Park returned as spinner/judge of the black and grey colour groups and send the following comment:

"All fibres were really quite nice and for the most part I enjoyed working with them."

Jean has been spinning since 20 years. jean is a Master Spinner. Her thesis was Camelid fibres –blending with wool. She teaches the Spinning Certificate Program with the Ontario Hand weavers and Spinners at the Haliburton School of Arts and the St. Lawrence College.


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