2019 Mary-Ann English Spin-off

The 2019 Mary-Ann English Spinoff is BACK!  Start pulling out 50g of your best fibre and skirt it well.  We will start accepting submissions at the start of January 2019.

Why compete in the Spinoff?  Its not just for the ribbons.  Master Spinners will work with your fleece and critique it using an industry-standard judging criteria.  They will card and spin your fibre and then prepare a a swatch with it.  They will grade it and comment on the good and bad points.  You may win a ribbon or two, but you will also come away with an objective assessment of your fleece from a handspinner's point of view.

YOU CAN ALSO BE A MARY-ANN ENGLISH SPINOFF SPONSOR!  Your farm name will be included in all of our promotion and on the champion ribbons.   It's a great way to promote you and your support of our fibre industry.

We appreciate the continued support of our Spin-off Judges:  Joan McKenzie, Suzi Brio and Ina Mueller.

With Thanks to our Sponsors: