2017 Fibre Arts Competition

Alpaca Ontario Fibre Arts Competition

2017 Fibre Arts & Yarn Competition Rules

1. Judging will be conducted on April 28th, 2017 at the Royal Canadian Equestrian Centre

Cedar Valley.

2. Entry fee: $5.00 per entry

3. Post all entry forms and exhibits to:

Carol Harrison

335358 33rdLine, R.R.#4

Embro, ON

N0J 1J0

4. Entry Returns:
You or a designated representative may sign-out and pick up the entries after the CNCC show on Sunday April 30. If you require your item(s) and award(s) to be returned by post, you must include the appropriate shipping fees as outlined on the entry form. They can also be returned COD: please specify.

5. All entries in the Fibre Arts Competition will be eligible for a People’s Choice Award. People’s Choice will be voted on by the public and will be announced on Sunday, April 30 at 2:00 pm.

6. Hand spinning entries will include the type of yarn (Lace/Fingering/Sport; Worsted Light/Medium; Chunky/Bulky; Blended; Novelty) and if dyed under “item description”

Fibre Arts Categories (each item must be the work of the exhibitor and must be clean)

  1. Hand knitting

  2. Hand spinning

  3. Crocheting

  4. Weaving

  5. Felting

  6. Novelty

(ribbons to 1st, 2nd& 3rd places (with monetary prize), Judge’s Choice, and People’s Choice winners)

Please note:

All classes are open to naturally colored or dyed yarn/ fibre

People’s Choice Award

Items entered in the Fibre Arts Competition will be on display during the AO Spring Show as well as the CNCC. Ballots will be available on the display tables for people to vote for their favorite item. Ribbons will be awarded to the People’s Choice Champion and will be announced on Sunday at 2:00 pm.


Item & prize money pick-up

Items MUST be left on display until Sunday at 2:00 pm. Items can be picked up by the owner or authorized person between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. Items MUST be signed out with the volunteer at the Fibre Arts table. Written authorization is required for someone other than the Exhibitor to pick up the item. If you require your item(s) and award(s) to be returned by post, you must include the appropriate shipping fees or indicate you wish it to be returned by COD.

NOTE: Every effort will be made to provide a secure environment, but Alpaca Ontario cannot be responsible for the loss, safety or any damages of individual items displayed during the Alpaca Ontario Spring Show/ CNCC Show. We intend to staff the area with volunteers as event monitors.

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