2008 Fibre Arts Juried Competition and People’s Choice Award Competition


Juried Fibre Art Competition

The Alpaca Ontario Fibre Promotion Committee would like to thank all participants in the Inaugural Alpaca Ontario 2008 Juried Fibre Art Competition. Two accomplished fibre artists evaluated 35 entries. Lorraine Smith is a Fibre Artist Designer and is the publisher of the Magazine Spinner's Circle Quarterly. Hazel Alexander is teaching the Ontario Hand weavers and Spinners Certification Program.
Lorraine and Hazel praised the excellent, diverse and representative array of alpaca pieces and congratulated all entries. They offered constructive comments and some of their common concerns included the finishing highlighting the importance of detail to give the pieces the extra polish. Also, many pieces showed some vegetation matter even in the very refined pieces. VM should be avoided to give item cleaner look.

The Juried Fibre Art Competition was organised in two divisions: Hobby Art and Studio Art with categories for Garment, Accessories and Home Fashion. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners received prize money in addition to the ribbons.
A Grand prize was awarded to the item receiving the highest score.

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2008 Fibre Arts Juried Competition and People’s Choice Award Competition


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