Alpaca Fibre Fantasy 2009 Fashion Show

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Alpaca Ontario's Second Annual Spring Fashion Show took place at the end of dinner during the Saturday night banquet. The large number of attendees appeared more than ready to see what innovative ideas our fibre artists had up their sleeves. The complexion of the show differed a bit from the previous year because we were awarding ribbons to the top three participants as decided by a panel of three independent judges. Interestingly, ribbons tend always to bring out an exciting competitive spirit. Prior to the actual beginning of the Fashion Show itself, however, was to introduce Alpaca Ontario's Juried Fine Arts Competition Winner for 2008 – something we hope will become an annual tradition. Ausma Clappison, our 2008 Grand Prize Winner, was introduced and wore her stunning felted "Wedding Cape" after which our Fashion Show then began. Since the purpose of the show every year is to highlight the glorious array of uses we have for alpaca, we think that aim was magnificently achieved.

We thank our 27 models, including three men and a real, live baby, who beautifully showed off all things alpaca, as well as the owners of all the garments who allowed them to be used in the show. The rules of the show were that anything shown had to be made of at least 50% alpaca and be manufactured in Canada.

There are no rules as to what the items might be, so the designer is only limited by her/his imagination and creativity. 2009 items consisted of glorious knitted and crocheted garments for women, men and children, which is what you'd expect – however, thrown into the mix were many felted items including felted jewelry, outdoor wear using alpaca as a fill and beautiful fabric items. Yes, fabric! Alpaca at last is attracting the attention of fabric mills. So, the truth IS known --- alpaca can and will surpass most other natural fibres on the market today IF, as an industry, we collectively market ourselves well. We have to first convince ourselves of that fact, build confidence in our own convictions and then get out there and spread the word like crazy. Proudly, if the Fashion Show is any indication, we are definitely getting there!

Congratulations to our winners:

1) Rowan Hagey;
2) Leslie Comfort;
3) Elisabeth Fortin!

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