Alpaca Fibre Fantasy 2008 Fashion Show

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The Alpaca Ontario Spring Show was as exciting as it could be. So many innovations were being tried for the first time. And not to be overshadowed by any other show happenings, your hardworking and dedicated Fibre Committee had a few new wrinkles of its own to unveil. One of those fresh ideas was to stage a Fashion Show at the Saturday night banquet on the show weekend.

The purpose of the Fashion Show was to highlight some of the myriad things that alpaca fleece can be used for. The list is impressive. Actually, anything wool can be used to make, likewise alpaca can also be used in the same way. Alpaca can also be blended beautifully with anything else you choose. The possibilities for use are endless. We wanted to plant visions in the heads of all who attended–make them realize what a gold mine we are all sitting on with alpaca fleece. Our future in Canada is very bright indeed because of it, as long as we keep it in the forefront and manage it well. Rumor has it that we, as a country, are way ahead of our southern neighbours regarding alpaca fleece and its application. Since the fleece is what will sustain us all in the years to come, we are definitely headed in the right direction.

After a long, but satisfying day with showing animals, it was nice to be able to sit down together for a fabulous meal and be entertained by an alpaca Fashion Show. Our 20 models were mostly volunteers from our own ranks. Each person either wore or carried something created from at least 50% Canadian alpaca. Those were the rules. Though we all recognize other countries' alpaca garments as being lovely, we want to highlight what we produce and manufacture here. Ladies carrying roses and men carrying carnations, our models walked among the banquet tables to allow everyone to view the garment they were wearing or the item they were carrying up close. The workmanship of each was a wonder to behold and the variety amazing. Prior to the models' working their way throughout the room, their item was thoroughly described in detail. If one particular item interested you more than another, you would be cognizant of the details as the model passed.

At show's end, we definitely feel a repeat is in order for 2009 and years to come. Though we were top-heavy with women models [no pun intended], we did have three brave men come forward, as well. We will be looking for more men to balance our model pool next year. Please give a thought to helping us out. Also, when information for next year's show begins to circulate, please consider joining us and allowing us to see your beautiful creations for the evening.

Thanks again to everyone involved. You're all special!

Lynda Finbow
Alpaca Ontario Fibre Committee
Fashion Show Coordinator

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