Attention all members it is time again to ask you to donate a stud for AO's Spring Show Silent Stud Auction. This has become an integral part of assisting with costs associated with the Spring Show.
Bidding on the auction sheets will once again start at 500.00. I would ask that you consider a Stud donation and please forward information to Jamescole@nexicom.net or phone 705 750 5442
We will complete the bid forms and ask that you bring a picture of your stud to the show to go on the table.


Online Submission Form:auctionsubform.php

Donated Stud Services

Averegan's Summit  
Owner: Datrix Alpacas - David and Trixi Lloyd

Location: Omemee, ON

Email: datrixalpacas@gmail.com BVD: Negative Stud Fee: $1200
CLAA# 41685

ARI# 32308334 DoB: July 31, 2011  Colour: White
Sire: Shamrock Alyst Dam: Tell Catalina Guarantee: 90 days live birth

Breeding Type Offered 
On Farm

On Farm Requirements: Dam and/or cria need to be recently dewormed, healthy. Dam BVD negative

Description:  His build is solid, square; great coverage right to his toes. He is fine and soft and exhibits a crimp style we strive for. We have been very fortunate to add Summit to our roster. And we look forward to seeing the improvements he will make on our females.

His Sire, Shamroc Alyst, has been sold to Quebec and as such Summit is one of only a few males available in Ontario. Notable genetics include Sweet William and Lionel.

SVA Kung Pao's Confucious
Owner: Datrix Alpacas - David and Trixi Lloyd

Location: Omemee, ON Email: datrixalpacas@gmail.com BVD: Negative  Stud Fee: $1200
CLAA# 42254 - 50% ARI# 31856584 DoB: May 06, 2011 Colour: White
Sire: Accoyo America Kung Pao  Dam: Kelowna's Salsa Sass Guarantee: 90 days live birth Breeding Type Offered
On Farm includes 60 days free agistment

Fleece: 2012: AFD 18.7, SD 4.9, CV 26.1, 1.8>30

On Farm Requirements: Dam and/or cria need to be recently dewormed, healthy. Dam BVD negative

Description: Confucious comes with an impressive pedigree including PCA Accoyo El Nino, PCA Hemingway-Accoyo Nautilus, Coyo Destini, and Jolimont2 Peruvian Viracocha. His conformation is flawless.

Confucious has a sire and dam with very strong fibre traits. Both have exceptional fineness and density. Both have a tight, high amplitude crimp style. Both are maintaining very good fineness. Kung Pao is sired by the well known El Nino, now deceased, and Sassy is a GRAND CHAMPION female.

SVA William's Wildfire
Owner: Datrix Alpacas - David and Trixi Lloyd

Location: Omemee, ON Email: datrixalpacas@gmail.com BVD: Negative Stud Fee: $1200
CLAA# 40196 ARI# 32115321 DoB: Sug 03, 2010 Colour: White
Sire: Jolimont Peruvian Sweet William Dam: Kelowna's Sparks A Flying Guarantee: 90 days live birth

Breeding Type Offered:
On Farm includes 60 days free agistment

Fleece: 2012: AFD 18.4, SD 4.7, CV 25.8, 3.2>30

On Farm Requirements: Dam and/or cria need to be recently dewormed, healthy. Dam BVD negative

Description: Wildfire is fine, has excellent density and has a very pleasing, organized crimp style. His 2nd fleece was exceptional and better than his 1st! The fibers are highly aligned and he is maintaining very good fineness.

MH The Patriot
Owner: Moore House Fine Alpacas - Catherine Timms and Kevin Fuller

Location: Niagra, ON Email: alpacas@moorehouse.ca BVD: Negative Stud Fee: $1000 (Introductory for 2014)
CLAA# 42546 ARI# 31950169 DoB: June 18, 2011 Colour: White
Sire: CPeruvian Daniel 111 Dam: SSA Sunset Libertilei Guarantee: Female guarantee (email us for Terms and Conditions) Breeding Type Offered:
Drive By & Mobile

Fleece: 2013 (2 years): AFD 19.8um, SD 4.2um, CV 21.2%, >30 1.7%

Description: MH The Patriot has turned out to be just what we were hoping for when we bred his sire, CPeruvian Daniel with our Victor's Vaccoyo daughter, Sunset Libertilei . Patriot is a double registered solid white, strongly conformed male who sports oodles of shiny, crimpy, buttery Royal Baby soft fibre. No stranger to the winner's circle in the show ring, we were not surprised at all when he took First place in the show ring against some very stiff competition. Now that he has all grown up, we are delighted that he is interested in the ladies – a good thing because we are planning on using him a lot this spring in our own herd!

Kanata Ben
Owner: Kickin' Back Alpaca Ranch - Doug & Carolyn Lilleyman

Location: Markdale, ON Email: carolyn@kickinbackalpacaranch.com BVD: Negative Stud Fee: $1000
CLAA# 40554 ARI# 31966337 DoB: July 1, 2010 Colour: True Black
Sire: Fibre Works Technicolour Dam: Malunis Ben Guarantee: 30 day live birth Breeding Type Offered:
On Farm, Drive By, & Mobile

Fleece: AFD: 22.1 SD: 5.2 CV: 23.7 % > 30: 6.6 Date: May 20, 2013 (3 years old)

On Farm Requirements: BVD negative, dewormed 30 days prior to breeding

Description: Kanata is a great looking true black male with very fine fibre. We hope he will take after his dam, Malinus Ben who at the age of 7 years still holds a 21.8 micron count. Kanata has a great black background -his sire is the well known Fibre Works Technicolour.

"He has correct conformation, a good square body, and full legs. Kanata has very uniform fibre; he is covered from head to toe." Comments from the AO Show 2011 judge , he placed 2nd out of 11 entries. Kanata's yearling fibre won 1st Place in the Mary-Ann English Spin Off 2013 with a score of 91/100 points. One point less than the Overall Winner of the Black Class.

Kanata started his breeding career in 2012. Both female crias will be at the AO.

High Plains Elvis
Owner: Kickin' Back Alpaca Ranch - Doug & Carolyn Lilleyman

Location: Markdale, ON Email: carolyn@kickinbackalpacaranch.com BVD: Negative Stud Fee: $1000
CLAA# 33847 ARI# 30506749 DoB: May 30, 2006 Colour: Light Silver Grey
Sire: Aztec Avagadro Dam: Pressilla Guarantee: 30 day live birth Breeding Type Offered
On Farm, Drive By, & Mobile

Fleece: AFD: 24.9 SD: 6.3 CV: 25.1 % > 30: 12.4 . May 20, 2013 7 years old

On Farm Requirements: BVD negative, dewormed 30 days prior to breeding

Description: A high quality silver grey male that we are proud to own. Elvis has correct conformation and bite. High frequency crimp with good density, staple length and fineness. Elvis is maintaining his fineness at the age of 7 he is 24.9 micron, CV 25.1.
To date Elvis has 19 cria on the ground, 14 females and 5 males. In 2012 Elvis sired 3 silver grey crias from a black, a dark brown and a medium silver grey dam.

He has an even temperament, usually he settles the female the first try. He is often outdoors regardless of the weather and his male crias are following his example, they are very hardy males.

Elvis at the age of 6 won Highest Score in Colour - 98.5/100 at AO Mary-Ann English Spin-off 2013.

EPD data available through ARI or on request.

BMA Gidget's Moondoggie
Owner: Blood Moon Alpacas - Margie MacDonald

Location: East Garafraxa Email: bloodmoonalpacas@gmail.com BVD: Negative Stud Fee: $500
CLAA# 37376 ARI#: DoB: 22 July 2008 Colour: Light Fawn
Sire: SCA Macario Dam: ARA Gidget Guarantee: Six month live cria guarantee Breeding Type Offered:
Drive By

Fleece: 2012: AFD 20.96, SD 5.08, CV 24.3%, Spin fineness 21.0

On Farm Requirements: Female (and cria, if applicable) must have proof of negative BVD testing

Description: Blood Moon Alpacas is pleased to offer 2 breedings (same farm, 2 different females) to Moondoggie for this auction.  Moondoggie is stylish and good natured with dense fleece, good staple and excellent crimp. Moondoggie is a proven macho who has thrown colour. He takes after his sire, SCA Macario, with the sought after fibre quality of staying fine with age. At age four (2012), his fibre stats were remarkable. His fleeces keep on winning in fleece shows, garnering positive comments from judges about the lingering quality and fineness.
Moondoggie's fleece show awards include Light Colour Champion (AO Fleece Show 2012) and Light Reserve Champion (Navan Fair Fleece Show, 2013)

Alpaca Tracks Georgie
Owner: Alpaca Tracks - Corrine Cote and Kathy Enright

Location: Oxford Station, ON Email: kcfreedom39@hotmail.com BVD: Negative Stud Fee: $1000
CLAA# 40542 ARI#: DoB: 4/7/2010 Colour: Brown
Sire: Ghost River Cisco Dam: Desirrae Donn Guarantee: 60 days live birth Breeding Type Offered:
On Farm

On Farm Requirements: BVD Tested

Description: Alpaca Tracks Georgie isn't a stranger to the winner's circle. Georgie has won colour Champion at the AO Show, the Navan Alpaca Show, Expo Quebec and the 2011 Eastern Futurity. Georgie is a very correct male in all aspects of conformation. His fleece is a rich medium brown with excellent fibre qualities. Crimp, lustre, bundling and density are all part of the package. Georgie is very gentle in nature and easy to handle. His bloodlines include Victor's Vacooyo and Peruvian Enrique. Georgie has one cria on the ground and we are looking forward to what 2014 will bring. We are proud to offer Alpaca Tracks Georgie as an option in your 2014 breeding program.

Auction Rules

Bidding Commences: Viewing tables will be set-up with all herdsires' lot numbers by 5pm on Friday night of the show weekend prior to the beginning of the seminar that evening.

Bidding Closes: The Herdsire Silent Auction will close at noon on Sunday. All winners will be announced before the start of the afternoon championships.

Payment Options:

  1. A cheque for the full bid amount made payable to Alpaca Ontario at the time of the auction, or
  2. To assist all stud-service purchasers, three post-dated cheque payments may be spread out over a 6-month period:

                   i. April 15                       ii. July 15                      iii. October 15

All post-dated cheques must be received by Alpaca Ontario prior to a breeding taking place.

HST is not charged.



2014 Silent Auction

Stay tuned for more information about the 2014 silent auction.

This year bidding on the silent auction items will be offered from 1pm – 8pm on Saturday in the exhibit hall. 50% of the monies raised will go to the Quechua Benefit and the Nunoa Project.

Payments for auction purchases are due at end of the auction (or on Sunday if you are not in attendance at the conclusion of the auction). We will once again be accepting cash, credit card or cheques (made payable to Alpaca Ontario).

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