2010 Alpaca Ontario Online Stud Auction

Bidding Began: January 22, 2010 @ 12:00 am
Bidding Closeed: January 24, 2010 starting @ 7:00 pm
The top 2 sellers from 2009 bids started at $1000.00
The top 2 were: Cindar BAR, Ring Ranch Matrix
All other bids started at $750.00
All bids were increased by $50.00 increments.



Timmey Timmey
Owned by: Alpaca Acres
D.O.B: Aug. 21, 2003 CLAA: 31359-H ARI: 1046878
Colour: Fawn Sire: Batido S151 AIOA Dam: Miss Orchid AOC
Microchip# 132271321A BVDV: negative Fleece:  
Location: Stratford, ON Phone: (519) 625-1064 Email: dclayburn@sympatico.ca
Stud Fee: 1,500.00 Selling Price: $750.00 Purchaser: Sewell Alpacas
Guarantee: 7 day live birth.
On farm Requirements: Negative BVD test required.
Description: Timmey is a large Macho with a proven pedigree. He is a Batido son & a Guellermo grandson.
Timmey has consistently thrown denser, finer, crimpier cria than the dams they came from. Along with his gentle & playful nature Timmey’s cria show his exceptional fiber characteristics which include incredible handle, high amplitude crimp, staple length, density, softness and bundling. With full coverage head to toe. If you’re looking for any of these qualities in your herd then Timmey’s your boy. Timmey’s shear weight last year was over 12lbs.
Timmey’s first time showing at 4 years placed 2nd in class Navan fleece 2007 & placed 2nd in class 2008 AO show.
Timmey’s daughters - Vixen placed 2nd in 2008 & 2009 AO shows, & 3rd Navan Fleece 2008; Daisy May placed 2nd & Reserve Champion 2009 AO Show
Timmey’s sons - Weston placed 2nd Navan Fleece show 2008, 2nd AC National Fleece 2008 & 2nd in class 2009 AO Show; Joey placed 4th Navan fleece 2008 & 4th place AC Nation Fleece 2008.

Dickson's Hey Jude Dickson's Hey Jude
Owned by: Split Rock Farms Alpacas
D.O.B: July 31, 2005 CLAA: 31070 ARI: 30397576
Colour: Steel Grey Sire: Rosco Dam: Black Saville
Microchip# 442936730D BVDV: negative Fleece: 21µ, SD 5.2µ, CV 24.6
Location: Ridgeway (Fort Erie), ON Phone: (905) 382-7777 Email: splitrockfarmsbb@aol.com
Stud Fee: 2,000.00 Selling Price: $1,050.00 Purchaser: Pootcorners, Eden Chase
Guarantee: 7 day live birth.
On farm Requirements: Females and cria must test negative for BVD virus before arrival at farm.
Description: Jude is a top-notch, model alpaca. He is friendly, easy to handle and exudes a look-at-me presence. A proven male, he sired 4 gorgeous 2009 babies, 3 of which were grey. All of them carry his exceptional personality and fleece attributes -- dense, crimpy, lovely handle. We expect his cria will be as outstanding in all show formats as he has been. Jude has won many ribbons, never placing lower than third. Among them are:
2009: 1st Empire Extravaganza Spin-Off, Syracuse, NY; 3rd Txolan Spectacular, Katy, Texas; 3rd A.O.B.A World Conference, Cleveland, OH.
2008: 2nd Empire Extravaganza Spin-Off, Syracuse, NY; 3rd A.O.Spring Show (halter);
2006: 1st A.O. Spring Show (halter); 2nd A.O. Spring Show Spin-Off.
Jude's winning ways have been shared by many family members, including his outstanding full sister, Cayenne, who won the Alpaca Canada 2007 Futurity, with the comment by Judge Julio Sumar that she has "exquisite grey fleece." Jude is now concentrating on wooing females and creating crias that are the best of the best. He not only walks the walk, he talks the talk!

Ring Ranch Trevolta Ring Ranch Trevolta
Owned by: Kings Creek Alpacas
D.O.B: June 26, 2006 CLAA: 34606 ARI: 30001205
Colour: Rose Grey Sire: TNC Rollover Beethoven Dam: Tiera Rose Bar
Microchip# 145676512A BVDV: negative Fleece: AFD- 19.1 SD -3.3 CV -17.3 %>30- 0.5
Location: Ashton, ON Phone: (613) 253-8228 Email: sandra@kingscreekalpacas.ca
Stud Fee: 2,000.00 Selling Price: $1,050.00 Purchaser: Twoloom Alpacas
Guarantee: 72 hour live birth
On farm Requirements: Female and cria brought to farm must be tested neg for BVD
Breeding Types Offered: On Farm
Description: Trevolta is a straight, square and robust macho. His symmetrical proportions, flush top line, sturdy strong bone structure and handsome full head contribute to his overall majestic appearance.
Trev is the son of TNC Rollover Beethoven (well known in Western Canada show rings) and a grandson of Mr. Accoyo Sandman (a full Accoyo male).
Trev is a real standout! His remarkable fine dark rose grey fleece make this boy a highly sought after herdsire. Combine his fleece, impressive size and the fact that he comes from the "Accoyo" lineage make him an unparalleled herdsire.
The fineness and consistency in his fleece is complimented with his high frequency crimp. If you want the best in a quality grey with ACCOYO bloodlines Trevolta should earn your serious consideration.

Mountain View Rainier Mountain View Rainier
Owned by: Highgate Alpaca
D.O.B: June 8 2007 CLAA: 35858-H ARI: 30895386
Colour: White Sire: CPeruvian Accoyo Arctic Dam: Mountain View's Juliet
Microchip# 135453167A BVDV: negative Fleece: 2009: 19.6 AFD; 3.8 SD;19.4 CV; 0.6 > 30 microns
Location: Haliburton, ON Phone: (705) 489-2519 Email: highgate@bell.net
Stud Fee: 1,500.00 Selling Price: $1,100.00 Purchaser: SanGrall, Moore House
Guarantee: 30 day live birth guarantee
On farm Requirements: Negative BVD test
Breeding Types Offered: Drive By, Mobile Mating
Description: Mountain View's Rainier is a handsome, full Peruvian, 3/4 Accoyo male with excellent conformation. He has nice fibre coverage from his cute, typey head to his toes. His bright, fine fleece combines independent bundling, a high degree of uniformity, bold crimp, long staple length, and wonderful handle. His fleece won the Champion White Huacaya and Supreme Huacaya ribbons at the 2009 AO Inaugural Fleece Show. He had an impressive 2008 histogram: 17.8 AFD; 2.9 SD: 16.3 CV; 0.30 >30 microns. Rainier exhibits the quality that comes from his dam and sire. His sire, CPeruvian Accoyo Arctic passes on his excellent fleece characteristics, including staying fine with age, to his show winning progeny. His dam, Mountain View's Juliet, has Hemmingway, White Lightning, and Viracocha in her background. She has done well in the show ring, and her fleece is dense and remains fine. Rainier is mild-mannered with a good temperament. He has settled females out west, with their pregnancies confirmed by ultrasound. His show successes include Grand Champion White Male at the 2008 Salmon Arm Alpaca Show, and Champion White Male at the 2009 Pacific Coast Alpaca Show. Let Rainier's genetic fusion enhance your breeding program!!

Atlas Augusto Atlas Augusto
Owned by: Leap of Faith Alpacas
D.O.B: August 5, 1999 CLAA: 19567 ARI: 814484
Colour: White Sire: CPeruvian Accoyo Amadeus Dam: CPeruvian Cara 1225
Microchip# 410B592466 BVDV: negative Fleece:  
Location: Palmerston, ON Phone: (519) 343-3193 Email: deb@sirepoweralpacas.com
Stud Fee: 1,600.00 Drive By Selling Price: $750.00 Purchaser: To Be Alpacas
Guarantee: 1 year live birth guarantee of a viable cria, as well as a female cria guarantee
On farm Requirements: BVD negative
Breeding Types Offered: Drive By
Description: Atlas is a medium-sized very dense male with an even temperament. He has nice conformation, bite, body capacity and spring of rib. Crimp is still evident in his fibre. Atlas has sired several show-winning offspring including the 2006 Alpaca Ontario Grand Champion Male (Qolmesa Archemides). Fibre stats will be posted if they become available.
2001 CABA National Fleece Show: Spinners Choice Award.
2002 Alpaca Ontario Show: 1st of 11 in Intermediate Male White class.
2002 Alpaca Ontario Show: Reserve Champion Male.
2003 Alpaca Ontario Show: 3rd in Adult Male White class.
Your Drive-by breeding can be upgraded to a Mobile Mating or On-Farm breeding after the auction. Call or email for details.

Tell Holy Smoke Tell Holy Smoke
Owned by: Blood Moon Alpacas, Beneath the Sun Alpacas, Divine Alpaca, and Sally's Grove Alpacas
D.O.B: Sept. 5, 2002 CLAA: 25234 ARI:  
Colour: Grey Sire: Tell Vivace Dam: BBC Bolivian Julieta
Microchip# 132114535A BVDV: negative Fleece: 2007 (OC): AFD 29µ SD 5.7µ CV 19.7%
Location: Erin, ON Phone: (519) 833-2780 Email: bloodmoonalpacas@sympatico.ca
Stud Fee: 1,500.00 Selling Price: $750.00 Purchaser: Alpaca Tracks
Guarantee: 1 year live cria guarantee
On farm Requirements: female and cria brought to the farm must be tested negative for BVD and be recently de-wormed
Breeding Types Offered: Drive by
Description: Holy Smoke has arrived!! With his perfect conformation, amazing deep bold crimp and extreme density, he is well known in the show ring and has earned an abundance of awards, which you can see listed on www.alpacacentral.ca. Smoke consistently throws grey and black and has produced more very promising looking cria in 2009. If you are breeding for grey, you cannot go wrong with Smoke!!
Awards won by Smoke cria:
- Misty Water’s Chuck – 4/15 Junior Fawn Male, ALPACA Northlands 2007 Spring Show
- Angora’s Furig – 2/9 Juvenile Black Male, Alpaca Ontario 2008 Spring show
- Puff of Smoke – 4/5 Juvenile Grey Female, Alpaca Ontario 2009 Spring show, 2nd, Class A (6 - 14 mos) grey, Alpaca Ontario Fleece Show 2009

HA Desert Commander HA Desert Commander
Owned by: Canadian Comfort Alpacas
D.O.B: July 31, 2004 CLAA: 29857-H ARI: 1451702
Colour: White Sire: Jolimont Peruvian Sweet William Dam: HA Desert Mirage
Microchip# 135117337A BVDV: negative Fleece:  
Location: St. Ann's (Niagara), ON Phone: (905) 386-6151 Email: herdatpineview@aol.com
Stud Fee: $2,500.00 Selling Price: $750.00 Purchaser: Spruce Haven Alpaca Farm
Description: Commander is a solid boned, perfectly correct male with presence, and a great head. He has lots of coverage and his fibre exhibits pencil locking, bold crimp, luster and a very fine handle.
Son of Jolimont Peruvian Sweet William
Sweet William is an outstanding full Peruvian multiple Grand Champion whose fibre consistency and density combined with his strong bone structure make him one of the best in the industry.

Alpaca-Trazz Sisko Kid Alpaca-Trazz Sisko Kid
Owned by: Alpaca JAK'S
D.O.B: August 4, 2006 CLAA: 33889-H ARI:  
Colour: Black Sire: DPO Whisky Dam: LCDA-566 (Sylvie)
Microchip# 35266217A BVDV: negative Fleece:  
Location: Cayuga, ON Phone: (905) 768-8969 Email: alpacajaks@hotmail.com
Stud Fee: $1,000.00 Selling Price: $750.00 Purchaser: Sewell Alpacas
Guarantee: 7 Day Live Cria
On farm Requirements: Female requirement- BVD Tested, current in vaccinations and dewormed.
Breeding Types Offered: Drive by, Mobile Mating
Description: Sisko is a 3X First place winner At Alpaca Ontario- 2007, 2008, 2009
Reserve Juvenile Male 2007
Black Male Champion 2008
First Place Alpaca Canada Fleece Competition 2007
Grandson of CPeruvian Daniel 111
Sisko has fineness, crimp, density and shine of a white alpaca, which is unheard of in a "Black",were the remarks of Judge Nick Harrington-Smith at the Alpaca Ontario Halter Show 2007

Shamroc Alyst Shamroc Alyst
Owned by: Averegan Alpacas
D.O.B: June 4, 2007 CLAA: 35306 ARI: 30595712
Colour: Fawn Sire: Jolimont Peruvian Sweet William Dam: Priscilla Alyst
Microchip# 965000000122540 BVDV: negative Fleece: 19.6, 4.7, 23.8, 2008
Location: Peterborough, ON Phone: (705) 750-1732 Email: avereganalpacas@hotmail.com
Stud Fee: 2,000.00 Selling Price: $800.00 Purchaser: Black Ash Alpacas, Eden Chase
Guarantee: 72 hour live birth guarantee
On farm Requirements: BVD, up to date worming and shots.
Breeding Types Offered: On Farm
Description: SHAM WOW!!!!! Shamroc is a gorgeous fawn male and the only William/Priscilla son in Ontario. There are some impressive genetics in this family tree and his multi champion siblings include Eclipse, Salina, Sculptor Alyst. Sham is a solid boy, with a wide chest, beautiful head, incredible coverage and a crimp style to die for. He has had an incredible show season with multiple wins including Supreme Champion Fleece at the Navan Fleece Fair. You can check out his full profile and wins on Alpacanation. We are expecting 3 Shammy crias this summer and they are sure to be incredible. If you are looking to add coverage, frame and fleece weights to your offspring Sham is your man.
60 days free board
Good luck on your bidding

DPO Lexus DPO Lexus
Owned by: Moore House Fine Alpacas
D.O.B: June 27, 2004 CLAA: 29050 ARI:  
Colour: Light Fawn Sire: CPeruvian Daniel 111 Dam: Peruvian Lollipop
Microchip# 133533496A BVDV: negative Fleece: (2007) 24.0µ, SD 4.6µ CV 19.2
Location: Fonthill (Niagara), ON Phone: (905) 892-8252 Email: alpacas@moorehouse.ca
Stud Fee: 1,800.00 Selling Price: $750.00 Purchaser: Green Acres Alpacas
Guarantee: 72 hour live birth guarantee. Female cria guarantee (see website for details)
On farm Requirements: Cria accompanying dam must be BVD tested. If no cria, then dam must be BVD tested.
Breeding Types Offered: On Farm, Drive By
Description: Lexus... A Champion creating Champions!
Our multiple Grand Champion, Lexus, possesses extremely dense fibre with superior lock structure - well defined bundling and high frequency crimp. Lexus has real presence with a large sturdy frame and remarkable conformation.
Lexus is the only male out of multiple Get of Sire winner CPeruvian Daniel and Progeny of Dam winner Peruvian Lollipop. He has passed on his show winning ways to his progeny including his daughter, MH Topaz Beauty who earned the prestigious 2009 AO Supreme Champion honours!
Not surprisingly, Lexus has taken the Moore House breeding program to an exceptional level, consistently siring offspring that are superior to their dams. Every one of his kids is stamped with his presence and amazing fibre coverage! Take your breeding program to the next level!
Visit www.moorehouse.ca/herdsiresDetails.php?DPO-LEXUS-1 for more information about Lexus and his award winning progeny!

Ring Ranch Imagine Ring Ranch Imagine
Owned by: Gold Star Alpacas
D.O.B: June 26, 2006 CLAA: 33515 ARI: 30001219
Colour: Brown Sire: RRA Beau Jangles Dam: Midnight Passion
Microchip# 136129252A BVDV: negative Fleece: 19.0µ, SD 3.5µ, CV 18.4
Location: Tillsonburg, ON Phone: (519) 866-3790 Email: rander6@amtelcom.net
Stud Fee: 2,000.00 Selling Price: $750.00 Purchaser: Alpaca JAK's
Guarantee: 24 hour live birth
On farm Requirements: Negative BVD test
Breeding Types Offered: On Farm
Description: RR Imagine is a gorgeous young male. His fleece is dense and fine. His YM results for 2009 are 21.3 MFD and 4.5 SD micron. , at age 3 years. He is gentle and laid back, easy to work with. With a 1st place in his colour class, we are eager to see his progeny, this year, as he began his breeding career in 2009.
2009 Alpaca Ontario Spring Show--1st place in class
2008 Alpaca Ontario Spring Show--2nd, Yearling Huacaya Brown Male

Royal Lear Royal Lear
Owned by: Alpaca Central
D.O.B: July 16, 1997 CLAA: 12395 ARI:  
Colour: Brown Sire: Golden Crown Dam: Jo-Jo
Microchip# 407D0B556C BVDV: negative Fleece: 2005 @ 8yrs AFD 23.0µ, SD 4.2µ, CV 18.3
Location: Orangeville, ON Phone: (519) 928-2890 Email: alpacacentral@sympatico.ca
Stud Fee: 2,000.00 Selling Price: $750.00 Purchaser: Providence Pastures
Guarantee: 72 hour live birth guarantee
On farm Requirements: Females and cria coming to the farm require BVD virus testing before arrival; female must have been de-wormed within the two weeks prior to arrival
Breeding Types Offered: On Farm, Drive By
Description: Who's your Daddy? That's what the other alpacas asked Peppercorn ( 1st of 5), Bo-Jangles (2nd of 12) and Hocas Pocas (4th of 16) at the 2008 Alpaca Ontario show when they came out of the ring.
Looks can be deceiving, but champion genetics aren't! Although Royal Lear is almost 12 years old, his fleece is still fine, crimpy and a gorgeous deep brown colour. He throws all the colours in the alpaca rainbow. Never heard of him? We're not surprised. 2008 was the first year any of his progeny were shown and the results proved they consistently carried the Royal Lear fleece characteristics. Want a piece of the future genetics? Royal Lear is your guy.

Vintage High Mark Vintage High Mark
Owned by: Alpagas Hemmingford
D.O.B: 28-06-05 CLAA: 30972 ARI: 30374201
Colour: Noir (Black) Sire: High Plains Apache Dam: Peaceland Marshmellow
Microchip# 135731255A BVDV: negative Fleece: 2008: 23.5MICRONS; 4.7sd., 20.1%CV, 7.2%
Location: Hemmingford, QC Phone: (450)826-0731 Email: louise@hemmingfordalpacas.com
Stud Fee: 2,500.00 Selling Price: $750.00 Purchaser: Ballintotas Alpacas
Guarantee: 72 hour live birth.
Breeding Types Offered: On Farm
Description: High Mark is sired by award winner HP Apache, an HP Amadeus'offspring. Apache won Get of Sire at the A.L.P.A.C.A. Spring Show last spring. This is an exceptionnal lineage of great Champions!
Completely black and of a very good stature, High Mark offers also impressive histograms for a black alpaca: 2006: AFD: 20.5 microns, SD 4.0 m CV 17.5% %>30=4.0 ; 2007: AFD 21.6microns, SD 4.3, CV 19.9, % >30=4.2. High Mark won 2nd at the Odassey show, 1st at Rich Valley Show and 3d at CNSAF. You can see High Mark offsprings on our website: www.hemmingfordalpacas.com.
If you are breeding for fineness, brightness and crimpy, colored fleece on a very strong substance of bones, High Mark is the one! On top ot this, High Mark has a grey sire and a black dam. He produced two black crias for us, one male and one female for his first breeding year. You will see his offsprings in the showring soon.

Peruvian Condor Peruvian Condor
Owned by: Canadian Comfort Alpacas
D.O.B: Jan. 9, 1996 CLAA: 17368-H ARI: 159243
Colour: White Sire: PPeruvian Caligula Dam: PPeruvian Senorita
Microchip# 41297F2C58 BVDV: negative Fleece:  
Location: St. Ann's (Niagara), ON Phone: (905) 386-6151 Email: herdatpineview@aol.com
Stud Fee: $2,500.00 Selling Price: $750.00 Purchaser: Alpaca Tracks
Description: Condor's fiber at the age of 12 is exceptional. He has always had extremely soft, uniform handle. The thing that is really amazing about this Herd Sire is his consistency. His offspring have consistently possessed amazing fiber, disposition and conformation time after time. His shear weight from this year was 14 lbs which is extraordinary! His fiber is as soft as a babies bum, showing near perfection in his uniformity and fineness! Condor has made me so proud and I am sure he will not let you down! Condor is one of Accoyo Peruvian Caligula's most prized offspring! Caligula's progeny have succeeded in all competition classes in the biggest shows throughout North America. With Condor's magnificent conformation, dense full coverage, regal presence and increasingly limited bloodlines, Leslie and Bob are confident that he will exceed their highest expectations as their Peruvian herdsire.
CALIGULA was in the 1994 import from Peru which was the first Accoyo Alpacas in the United States. He was the top pick of the import. Caligula died in 2003 with 203 registered offspring. His offspring have collectively won 17 championships in the largest shows in the United States

Please note that only studs purchased will become a Gold Sponsor designated at this year's show held in Orangeville on April 10 to 11, 2010. The Board of Directors and the A.O. Show Committee thank all participants in advance for their kind donations in support of Alpaca Ontario Inc.

With kindest regards,
Tracey VanHerpe
Stud Auction Chairperson

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