2008 Alpaca Ontario Online Stud Auction

Bidding Began: February 3, 2008 @ 8:00 pm
Bidding Closed: February 10, 2008@ 8:00 pm
All bids started at $750.00 and will increased by $50.00 increments.



RFA Oreo RFA Oreo
Owned by: Twoloom Alpacas
D.O.B: June 23, 2004 CLAA: 31204 ARI: 1314915
Colour: Black Sire: Jolimont Peruvian Ivano Dam: RFA Puddin'
Microchip# 968000003101758 BVDV: negative Fleece: 05-21µ, 06-24.11µ
Location: Hastings, ON Phone: (705) 696-1649 Email: dawn@twoloomalpacas.ca
Stud Fee: 1,500.00     Purchaser: Sunflower Ridge Alpacas
Description: The macho that started the "black" rush in Ontario!
Oreo is a handsome black boy, who has shown himself to be an exceptional individual. His fleece is soft, lustrous, full of character, and consistent. He has very little guard hair and his blanket runs from shoulder to tail. His bloodlines are such that he should maintain his fibre characteristics and micron for most of his life. He has excellent conformation and perfect teeth.
We are really excited about his first offspring, she is truly amazing. At two days old she showed excellent conformation with a solid leg structure, tight curl, a suri like shine, a classic head, and fibre right from her nose to her toes.
Females and cria coming to the farm require BVD virus testing before arrival. Female must have been de-wormed within the two weeks prior to arrival.

Dickson's Hey Jude Dickson's Hey Jude
Owned by: Split Rock Farms Alpacas
D.O.B: July 31, 2005 CLAA: 31070 ARI: 30397576
Colour: Steel Grey Sire: Rosco Dam: Black Saville
Microchip# 442936730D BVDV: negative Fleece: 21µ, SD 5.2µ, CV 24.6
Location: Ridgeway (Fort Erie), ON Phone: (905) 382-7777 Email: splitrockfarmsbb@aol.com
Stud Fee: 2,500.00     Purchaser: Queensborough Farms
Description: Rosco’s first offspring to be shown, this top-notch, multiple award-winning male handsomely represents his fine lineage. Awards: 1st 2006 A.O. Show; 2nd 2007 A.O. Show; 2nd 2007 Navan Fair–fleece. From a long line of greys, Jude’s sister Cayenne won Alpaca Canada’s 2007 Futurity. Judge Sumar said: “exquisite grey fleece.” Jude’s brother, Salsa, is rose grey. Jude’s positive attributes include: great disposition, friendly, handled easily; densely covered with beautiful, soft crimp. An absolute dream of a grey. First time offered–here’s your chance!

RavenChild RavenChild
Owned by: Split Rock Farms Alpacas
D.O.B: May 17, 2004 CLAA: 29899 ARI: 1156713
Colour: Black Sire: Chocolate Overload Dam: Steel Magnolia
Microchip# 446123657A BVDV: negative Fleece: 21.4µ, SD 5.1µ, CV 23.8
Location: Ridgeway (Fort Erie), ON Phone: (905) 382-7777 Email: splitrockfarmsbb@aol.com
Stud Fee: 1,750.00     Purchaser: Eden Chase
Description: This true black, double-registered boy possesses impeccable conformation, bite and presence. Always anticipated to be herdsire material, he hasn’t disappointed. Raven’s first 2007 cria inherited all of Raven’s fine credentials including his true black, lovely soft fleece (21.4 microns 2006)–wonderful for a black. A Batido grandson, Raven placed 2nd in 2006 and 2007, A.O. Spring Shows. Always the gentlemen, Raven is a marvelous choice.

DPO Lexus DPO Lexus
Owned by: Moore House Fine Alpacas
D.O.B: June 27, 2004 CLAA: 29050 ARI:  
Colour: Light Fawn Sire: CPeruvian Daniel 111 Dam: Peruvian Lollipop
Microchip# 133533496A BVDV: negative Fleece: 22.77µ, SD 5.15µ CV 22.6, CF 93.4, Curve 53.3
Location: Fonthill (Niagara), ON Phone: (905) 892-8252 Email: alpacas@moorehouse.ca
Stud Fee: 1,800.00     Purchaser: Split Rock Farms Alpacas
Description: A two time Grand Champion (2005 & 2006), Lexus is the only male out of CPeruvian Daniel and Peruvian Lollipop, as all of his full siblings have been females who have also consistently won coveted Grand and Supreme Champion awards!
Lexus possesses extremely dense fibre that still maintains the awesome bundling and high frequency crimp that we love so much. He displays exceptional presence with a large frame, exhibiting proper proportions with pencil straight legs and back.
A successful bid on Lexus includes free mobile mating service within a 2 hour drive of St. Catharines. Add some Champion genetics to your herd!

Silver Cloud Armani Silver Cloud Armani
Owned by: Silver Cloud Alpacas
D.O.B: July 25, 2001 CLAA: 23834 ARI: 830808
Colour: White Sire: Jolimont Peruvian Alpamayo Dam: Bolivian Arani
Microchip# 131318215A BVDV:   Fleece: 2006: 23.2µ, SD 4.6µ, CV 19.8
Location: Elginburg, ON Phone: (613) 376-3389 Email: carralpacas@sympatico.ca
Stud Fee: 2,500.00     Purchaser: Irishtown Alpacas
Description: If you are looking for those famous Alpamayo genes in Eastern Canada, here they are. Armani, a Grand Champion at the 2003 AO show, has followed in his well-known sire’s footsteps: his fleece has a pronounced high frequency crimp, is very dense and bright, and has stayed fine with age (fibre stats in 2006 at age 5: AFD 23.2, SD 4.6, CV 19.8%). He excels at passing on his highly desirable fleece characteristics. At the 2007 AO show all four offspring entered received ribbons. At the 2007 Navan Show all three offspring entered received first place ribbons (one of them in the composite show, and two of them in the fleece show, including one in a class of 10).
Females (and accompanying cria) coming to the farm for breeding must be tested negative for BVDV (dam need not be tested if cria is negative), and have been de-wormed within the two weeks preceding arrival.

AHF Elorien AHF Elorien
Owned by: Alpaca House Farm
D.O.B: May 10, 2002 CLAA: 27663 ARI: 844256
Colour: White Sire: MMR Paquito Dam: Jolimont Peruvian Estrella
Microchip# 134979233A BVDV: negative Fleece: 2005-19.0µ, SD 3.5µ, CV 18.4
Location: Berwick (Annapolis Valley), NS Phone: (902) 538-5583 Email: woodyer.alpaca@ns.sympatico.ca
Stud Fee: 2,000.00     Purchaser: Gladstone Alpacas
Description: Twice Reserve Champion, Elorien's bite is correct, his bone strong and his proportions perfectly balanced. Legs straight, broad chest and rear, he moves fluidly and confidently. His fleece has a tight and bold crimp, (8 cpi), superior lustre and wonderful handle. A determined breeder, to date all his cria show his prepotentcy for both conformation and fleece.

Amber Koda Amber Koda
Owned by: Sandy Ridge Alpacas & Brabant Alpaca Ranch
D.O.B: May 27, 2005 CLAA: 31604 ARI: 1316636
Colour: Black Sire: RFA Turk Dam: RGA Rochelle
Microchip# 143312274A BVDV: negative Fleece: 20.4µ, SD 4.8µ, CV 23.5
Location: Winchester, ON Phone: (613) 445-2545 Email: sandyridgealpacas@hotmail.com
Stud Fee: 1,500.00     Purchaser: Elisabeth Fortin
Description: True black male, cross of Golden Boy and Ivano genetics. A macho that is both pleasing to the eye and has perfect conformation, bite, and a fleece that is lusterous soft and has crimp to the skin. Shown in the USA - 1st Kentuky Futurity, 2nd in Pheonix and Reno.

High Plains Hansol High Plains Hansol
Owned by: Sandy Ridge Alpacas
D.O.B: April 3, 2003 CLAA: 27628 ARI:  
Colour: Cream Sire: HFLA Super Sam Dam: Revlon
Microchip# 4458576070 BVDV: negative Fleece: 26µ, SD 4.75µ, CV 17.8
Location: Curran, ON Phone: (613) 673-4285 Email: sandyridgealpacas@hotmail.com
Stud Fee: 1,500.00     Purchaser: Magpie Hill Alpacas
Description: Hansol has a very quiet nature, easy to handle, excellent conformation and bite. He has excellent staple length and coverage as well. His first cria have crimp and very bright fleeces with very good coverage.
Placing consistently when shown, he is now concentrating on his main job at hand.

SSA Sunset Riley SSA Sunset Riley
Owned by: Victory Farm Alpacas & Blueprints of the Future
D.O.B: Sept. 28, 2005 CLAA: 32347 ARI: 30354432
Colour: Black Sire: Eclipse Alyst Dam: Tell Blizzard
Microchip# 136124173A BVDV: negative Fleece: 21.2µ, SD 4.3µ, CV 20.3
Location: Lanark, ON Phone: (613) 259-0228 Email: brian@victoryfarm.ca
Stud Fee: 2,000.00     Purchaser: Kings Creek Alpacas
Description: Riley is a fine, black, dual-registered macho with perfect conformation. He is True Black with a personality-plus white face and white front feet–no white on his blanket. He hails from a long line of multi-award winners who maintain their fineness with age–Grand Sire, multiple Grand Champion Sweet William was 18 AFD and sheared 10 lbs at age 5; Sire, multi-ribbon winner Eclipse Alyst’s 2007 fibre stats also at age 5 were: AFD: 21.2, SD: 4.4, CV: 20.8%, %>30: 3.0%. Riley’s dam, a show ring winner, Tell Blizzard, passes bright, fine yet dense fleece to her cria. In 2006, at age 8, her histogram was: AFD 23.3 microns, SD-4.5, CV-19.3%, >30-7.0%. Riley placed second, Dark Huacaya, Lloydminister, 2006 and first, Dark Huacaya, Northlands Spring Alpaca Show, 2007. British Alpaca Judge, Val Fullerlove, described Riley as having extreme brightness and character with a very fine yet dense fleece - a striking young male.
BVDV test required, live birth guarantee.

Tell Dandaloo Tell Dandaloo
Owned by: Obosheen Alpacas
D.O.B: Aug. 13, 2003 CLAA: 27525 ARI:  
Colour: White Sire: Victor's Vaccoyo Dam: BBC Bolivian Delila
Microchip# 132139391A BVDV: negative Fleece: 23.25µ, SD 5.07µ, CV 21.8
Location: Peterborough, ON Phone: (705) 760-9888 Email: merel4u@yahoo.com
Stud Fee: 2,000.00     Purchaser: Black Ash Acres
Description: Do you need-Density? Crimp? Soft handle? Brightness? Excellent Conformation? Gentle Temperament? Then Dandy AKA Carpetman, is the stud for you. Besides achieving many firsts, best male in both fleece and halter shows his first offspring, Hankey-Pankey went on to win in all of his shows in 2007. Dandy has the goods!

Tell Buckshot Tell Buckshot
Owned by: Ring Ranch Alpacas
D.O.B: June 4, 2006 CLAA: 32563 ARI: 30362741
Colour: Rose Grey Sire: Tell Hot Shot Dam: Paragon's Violet
Microchip# 135958097A BVDV: negative Fleece: 23.2µ, SD 4.8µ, CV 20.7
Location: Saskatoon, SK Phone: (306) 477-2182 Email: d.ring@sasktel.net
Stud Fee: 3,000.00     Purchaser: Sweet Dreams Alpaca Ranch
Description: BUCKSHOT appears to be fawn coloured at first glance. However, as soon as you open up that amazing fleece, it’s a gorgeous grey-taupe color for the full length of his staple. His sire, TELL HOT SHOT, consistently produces these unique-coloured offspring when bred to colored females. BUCKSHOT’s fleece exhibits extreme luster, a wonderful silky handle, and long staple length. BUCKSHOT is a well grown boy; he has the “HOT SHOT” look to him, with a collected body style, and heavy substance of bone. His handsome head is typey, with short muzzle, dark eyes, dense topknot and good bite. His body is just buried in fibre – heavy coverage down the legs, thick woolly cheeks and an extremely full topnotch. Buckshot's sire TELL HOT SHOT is a dark rose grey macho and is a LIONAL son and a BUENO grandson. Reserve Champion in the Canadian show system, HOT SHOT now resides in California. He has sired numerous black and grey offspring, who are now winning the top awards in colored classes across North America. HOT SHOT’s offspring are known for solid compact structure, heavy substance of bone, and abundant fibre coverage. Their fleeces are typically very silky and bright, with extremely long staple length and excellent density. Buckshot looks just like his famous dad with that classic phenotype look, striking unique coloring and show winning presence. Buckshot has already earned himself multiple class placement ribbons in addition to his best head honors at the Keystone Alpaca Classic, 2007 in Brandon, Manitoba. Available for limited outside breedings in 2008, Buckshot will definitely prove to be a highly desirable herdsire.

Charbonnel Samuel Charbonnel Samuel
Owned by: Arriba Linea Alpacas
D.O.B: July 29, 2005 CLAA: 30964 ARI: 1055542
Colour: Brown Sire: Qolmesa Fernando Dam: Sari
Microchip# 135979324A BVDV: negative Fleece: 2006:20.7µ, 3.8µ, 18.4 2007:21.4, 4.6µ, 21.5
Location: Uxbridge, ON Phone: (905) 862-0222 Email: janet@arribalinea.com
Stud Fee: 2,000.00     Purchaser: Sunflower Ridge Alpacas
Description: Multiple Award Winner! Get in on these genetics!
Sam has very bright, fine, dense fleece that is uniform in character and colour. Perfect conformation and bite with a quiet disposition and handsome head. Great lineage that includes Qolmesa Fernando, 3rd Place Get of Sire and 2nd Place Dam Progeny Winner, Sari.
Her cria from last year, Arriba Senone, was also awarded Reserve Champion at the same 2007 Alpaca Ontario Show.
Sam eagerly started his breeding career in 2007.
24 hour live birth guarantee. Mobile Breeding Available within 200 km. Female must be BVD tested.
Highest Scoring Brown Color Champion Empire Spin off 2007
1ST in Class - Navan Fair Fleece Show 2006, Empire Spin Off 2007
2ND in Class - Alpaca Ontario Show 2006, Knox Farm Fleece, New York 2006
3RD in Class - AOBA National Fleece Show 2006, Alpaca Ontario Halter Show 2007, Navan Fair Halter Show 2007

SCA Macario SCA Macario
Owned by: Blood Moon Alpacas
D.O.B: Oct. 4, 2003 CLAA: 28804 ARI: 852123
Colour: White Sire: AH Patronne Dam: HCLA Mackenzie
Microchip# 131537760A BVDV: negative Fleece: 22.62µ SD 7.56µ CV 33.4
Location: Erin, ON Phone: (519) 833-2780 Email: bloodmoonalpacas@sympatico.ca
Stud Fee: 2,000.00     Purchaser: Split Rock Farms Alpacas
Description: 2007 brought four perfect cria sired by SCA Macario!! We are very excited to see what 2008 will bring. Macario is a polite, sweet-tempered male and settles the females quickly. You can check out his awards and two of his cria on our website. We offer a 72 hour live birth guarantee; females and cria coming to the farm require BVD virus testing before arrival; female must have been de-wormed within the two weeks prior to arrival.

Angelino AOC Angelino AOC
Owned by: Rainbow Alpaca Ranch
D.O.B: June 6, 2004 CLAA: 30525 ARI: 20004101
Colour: White Sire: RFA Warrior's Destini Dam: Angelique AOC
Microchip# 143347174A BVDV: no Fleece: 2006:20.49µ SD 6.81µ CV 33.2
Location: Moosomin, SK Phone: (306) 435-2641 Email: rainbowalpacas@sasktel.net
Stud Fee: 1,200.00     Purchaser: Sweet Dreams Alpaca Ranch
Description: Angelino is an outstanding macho, with correct conformation, excellent bite and wonderful presence. He is gentle natured and easy to work with. His fibre is fine, dense with excellent handle and crimp. If you want to enhance your breeding program consider Angelino.

CWCA Myster Luv CWCA Myster Luv
Owned by: Heronview Alpacas
D.O.B: Feb. 1 2000 CLAA: 24731 ARI:  
Colour: Fawn Sire: Ghost Myst Dam: Lucki Luv
Microchip# 422F226770 BVDV: negative Fleece:  
Location: Whitby, ON Phone: (905) 655-5747 Email: leolvr@sympatico.ca
Stud Fee: 2,000.00     Purchaser: Sunflower Ridge Alpacas
Description: Myster Luv is a big beautiful male with lots of presence. He has very crimpy , dense fibre with a wonderful handle. Luv has won numerous ribbons and has passed on his great fibre Characteristics and conformation. Luv is the sire of Slander the Supreme Grand Champion Alpaca at the Alpaca Ontario show 2007.

Sunny Delight Sunny Delight
Owned by: Heronview Alpacas
D.O.B: July 6, 2003 CLAA: 27838 ARI:  
Colour: White Sire: Peruvian Enrique Dam: Danika
Microchip# 133529511A BVDV: negative Fleece:  
Location: Whitby, ON Phone: (905) 655-5747 Email: leolvr@sympatico.ca
Stud Fee: 1,800.00     Purchaser: Sunflower Ridge Alpacas
Description: Sunny Delight is a beautiful big boy who has such a big dense fleece with a lovely handle and luster. We have 2 of Sunny?s cria this year and are very please with what he has produced. Both have dense white fleece with luster and lots of crimp. Sunny is a grandson of Peruvian Camilio. He has it all great genetics , looks and fleece.

High Plains Taralo High Plains Taralo
Owned by: Cedar Ridge Alpacas
D.O.B: Aug. 14 2004 CLAA: 29206 ARI:  
Colour: White Sire: High Plains Amadeus Dam: 6P Pearl
Microchip# 968000002819487 BVDV: negative Fleece:  
Location: Peterborough, ON Phone: (705) 742-6791 Email: jamescole@nexicom.net
Stud Fee: 2,500.00     Purchaser: Averegan Alpacas
Description: High Plains Taralo is one of Cedar Ridges finest herdsires. He comes from the Peruvian Pauco bloodline and this boy is stunning. Dense and with crimp from tip to base. Taralo’s sire Amadeus has made quite a name for himself and Taralo is now on his way to do the same. If you wish to step up your quality in a big way then this is your boy!
BVD Test result negative on your alpaca before arrival and up to date on all shots and de-wormed in the last 7 days.

Jiminez Jiminez
Owned by: Amazing Graze Alpacas
D.O.B: June 12 2005 CLAA: 31327 ARI:  
Colour: Fawn Sire: CPeruvian Rafael Dam: LF811 - Jessie
Microchip# 135951761A BVDV: negative Fleece: Olds '06 24.5µ SD 6.27µ CV 25.6
Location: Stirling, ON Phone: (613) 395-6406 Email: amazinggraze@sympatico.ca
Stud Fee: 1,200.00     Purchaser: Alpaca Farm BC
Description: Jimmy is an even-tempered, beautiful, big boy carrying a ton of dense, crimpy fibre. He has a large frame, correct conformation and a good bite. Jimmy’s fiber has deep bold crimp from butt to tip and fabulous staple length. He’s a real pleasure to work with and settled his first girl with just one breeding-cria due summer ’08. Recognition includes a 2nd at Alpaca Ontario ’06, a first at Navan’s inaugural fleece show in 2006 and a second, in a white class, at the Navan Fleece Show 2007.
Animals coming to our farm for breeding must be halter trained, healthy and free of communicable diseases, up to date on their vaccinations and recently dewormed. Girls coming to the farm must be certified not BVD PI or if cria is at side, cria must be tested and certified not BVD PI.
60 days free agistment - 72 hour live birth guarantee.

Duke of the Mountain Duke of the Mountain
Owned by: Ferme Camino Farm
D.O.B: May 5, 2004 CLAA: 29783 ARI: 1392692
Colour: Fawn Sire: Victor's Vaccoyo Dam: Acero Marka's Misty Mountain Hop
Microchip# 144554492A BVDV: negative Fleece: 2007: 22.8µ SD 5.2µ CV 22.8
Location: Limoges, ON Phone: (613) 443-3741 Email: fermecaminofarm@sympatico.ca
Stud Fee: 2,000.00     Purchaser: Isabelle Perdigal
Description: Duke won the Grand Championship at the Navan Fair Alpaca Show 2007.
He has inherited the classic corskscrew curls that are so distinctive in the progeny of his famous sire. His fleece has deep bold crimp and well-defined locks. His upright and proud posture is a reflection of the self-assured attitude that is signature of VACCOYO offspring.

RFA Pacino RFA Pacino
Owned by: Sire Power Alpacas
D.O.B: Sept. 10, 2005 CLAA: 31197 ARI: 30377783
Colour: White Sire: RFA D'Arcy Dam: Jolimont Peruvian Pucara
Microchip# 956000000382718 BVDV: negative Fleece: 2006: 19.4µ SD 3.9µ CV 20.1
Location: Palmerston, ON Phone: (519) 343-3193 Email: deb@sirepoweralpacas.com
Stud Fee: 2,000.00     Purchaser: Sandy Green
Description: Pacino settled his first female in 2007 and is ready to continue his breeding career. He has perfect bite, excellent conformation as well as bright, high frequency crimp fibre and superb lock structure.
Pacino is a chip off the old block.
2006 Pacific Coast Show - third in his class of 13 competitive males.
2006 CNASF show - first in his class.
2006 CNASF show - Reserve Champion. An impressive feat for a seven month old cria.
2006 Alpaca Canada fleece show - Champion White Huacaya Fleece.
2006 Alpaca Canada fleece show - Reserve Champion Huacaya Fleece. There were 80 fleece entries from across Canada entered in this show.
Check out his info on my website.
The successful purchaser will have the choice of either a Mobile mating or a drive-by breeding.
THE USUAL PRICE FOR PACINO BREEDINGS IS - Mobile Matings- $1,600.00 available for producers within 200 miles (320 kilometers) of our farm, Drive-by breedings - $1,200.00

RGA Othello RGA Othello
Owned by: Canadian Comfort Alpacas
D.O.B: June 26, 2005 CLAA: 31152 ARI: 30395008
Colour: Black Sire: ET Gemeni Dam: RGA Janie
Microchip# 137513644A BVDV: negative Fleece:  
Location: St. Ann's (Niagara), ON Phone: (905) 386-6151 Email: herdatpineview@aol.com
Stud Fee: 2,500.00     Purchaser: SanGrall Alpacas
Description: This male is true black, with density, length and great lock structure and finess. We are very excited about Othello with his dam's sire being a grey male (RGA Graham) He is definitely herdsire potential.

HA Desert Commander HA Desert Commander
Owned by: Canadian Comfort Alpacas
D.O.B: July 31, 2004 CLAA: 29857 ARI: 1451702
Colour: White Sire: Jolimont Peruvian Sweet William Dam: HA Desert Mirage
Microchip# 135117337A BVDV: negative Fleece:  
Location: St. Ann's (Niagara), ON Phone: (905) 386-6151 Email: herdatpineview@aol.com
Stud Fee: 2,500.00     Purchaser: Eden Alpaca Farm Inc.
Description: Commander is a solid boned, perfectly correct male with presence, and a great head. He has lots of coverage and his fibre exhibits pencil locking, bold crimp, luster and a very fine handle.
Son of Jolimont Peruvian Sweet William
Sweet William is an outstanding full Peruvian multiple Grand Champion whose fibre consistency and density combined with his strong bone structure make him one of the best in the industry.

Arbor Mist Bar Arbor Mist Bar
Owned by: Salem Alpacas
D.O.B: July 8, 2005 CLAA: 31263 ARI:  
Colour: Fawn Sire: Kelowna's Sundance Kid Dam: Andean Ice Mist
Microchip# 135874145A BVDV: negative Fleece: 2007: 23.1µ SD 3.7µ CV 16
Location: Manilla, ON Phone: (705) 786-2023 Email: info@salemalpacas.com
Stud Fee: 1,500.00     Purchaser: Sunflower Ridge Alpacas
Description: Arbor Mist has all those awesome genetics to be an asset to anyone’s herd. With the renowned Alpamayo and Ice Man in his pedigree, his quality is not a fluke! His sire, Sundance Kid has consistently thrown banner-winning offspring at all the largest shows! We are confident that he will do great things for you in your breeding program!
24 hour live birth guarantee. Females must be tested for BVDV. If accompanied by a cria, then the dam need not be tested if the cria has been tested negative. Female must have been dewormed within 30 days of visit.

D.P.O. Chinook D.P.O. Chinook
Owned by: Alpaga Illimite
D.O.B: Sept. 4, 2003 CLAA: 29434 ARI:  
Colour: Brown Sire: D.P.O. Onyx Dam: Peruvian Sheryl
Microchip# 135122671A BVDV: negative Fleece: 29.34µ SD 5.58µ CV 22.3
Location: Gatineau, QC Phone: (819) 669-5775 Email: info@alpagaillimite.ca
Stud Fee: 1,500.00     Purchaser: Ziraldo Alpacas
Description: Chinook is a well built male and we are very proud of him last year his first cria were born, all that can be said about them one pure black and the second light brown is they’re beautiful little girls. Their fibre is very fine and very crimpy.
Farm guarantees: bvd-pi , live birth guarantee cria survives 7 days.
We require bvdv test and a good bill of health on the succesful bidder’s alpaca(female/cria) before arrival.

Conclusive AOC Conclusive AOC
Owned by: Patapin Alpacas
D.O.B: July 24, 2002 CLAA: 26277 ARI: 837177
Colour: Fawn Sire: Snowmass Legacy's Golden Boy Dam: Lily's Sweetheart AOC
Microchip# 132155253A BVDV:   Fleece: 2007-23.01µ SD 5.14µ CV 22.4
Location: Mooretown, ON Phone: (519) 864-4691 Email: gauthier@ebtech.net
Stud Fee: exclusive     Purchaser: Irishtown Alpacas
Description: Conclusive is a full peruvian, experienced, fawn macho. He can always be found standing in that regal, look at me stance. Conclusive has great coverage and unbelievable lustre and fineness. He is a strongly framed boy with perfect conformation, good bite and large testicles.
Conclusive has always thrown the colour of the dam or darker. We were able to use him only once in 2006 and this year he threw a lovely, fawn girl with very dark pigment, out of a white dam. We used some top studs this year and concensus is that this girl is the best out of our seven very nice cria. She is so nice, we have called her Patapin Simply Stunnin'. She has a dark muzzle, long dark eyelashes and is completely covered with tight corkscrew curls.
Conclusive will be six years old this coming summer. He has had five histograms and has held a very low micron count throughout them all. Conclusive's fibre is very soft and has extreme lustre. We don't expect him to ever coarsen. At almost six years of age, he is what he is.
Grandsire - Accoyo 4Peruvian Legacy - Legacy's reputation speaks for itself. He is the first million dollar alpaca, when a half interest in him sold for $750,000 in 2006. Legacy's histogram at nine years of age was - AFD 22.1 SD 4.1 CV 18.3 and 2.3% above 30. As both Golden Boy and Legacy reside in the States, the bloodline is limited. His dam Lily has Batido and PPeruvian Guellermo behind her.

Please note that only studs purchased will become a Gold Sponsor designated at this year's show held in Orangeville on April 11 to 13, 2008. The Board of Directors and the A.O. Show Committee thank all participants in advance for their kind donations in support of Alpaca Ontario Inc.

With kindest regards,
Glen Finbow
Stud Auction Chairperson



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