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Alpaca Ontario's Third Fibre Sort-A-Thon (August 2016)

Date: August 9, 10, 2016

Location: Navan, ON

Alpaca Ontario's Sort-A-Thon is coming

August 9th and 10th

Plan to participate now!

What is It?

A Fibre Sort-A-Thon is an easy way to get your alpaca fibre sorted and graded by a certified fibre sorter for the low cost of $7 per huacaya fleece and $5 per suri fleece.. You do not have to be present to participate. Just register and send your fleece with your wishes.

How Does It Work?

What Do I Do Now?

Complete the entry form and send with your cheque to:

Corinne Côté

820 County Rd. 18
Oxford Station On
K0G 1T0

Or to pay by etransfer or credit card contact Doug at:

Alpaca Ontario

734762 West Back Line
Markdale On
N0C 1H0

Last date to submit your registration is August 8th.

Next roll it up or noodle your fleece and send it to Corrine Côté at the address above. If you have questions, call Corinne at 613 258 0177 or email her at

What to Expect on the Sort-A-Thon Day

The sort evaluation provided should give you a baseline of what your alpaca is currently producing as it relates to uniformity, fineness, length, strength, and variation of grade across the blanket.

Participant’s Evaluation Sheet


Uniformity/Consistency of Micron

       ___ - Widely varying across the fleece

       ___ – Moderately varying across the fleece

       ___ – Consistent across the fleece

Uniformity/Consistency of Staple Length

       ___ - Widely varying across the fleece

       ___ - Moderately varying across the fleece

       ___ - Consistent across the fleece


       ___ - Robust

       ___ – Intermediate Fine

       ___ – Super Fine

       ___ – Ultra Fine

Fleece Strength

       ___ - Tender fibres throughout fleece

       ___ - Areas of tender fibres

       ___ - Uniform strength throughout fleece

Lack of "Guard Hair" (Primary to Secondary Ratio)

       ___ – Wide P to S ratio (Hairy)

       ___ – Moderate P to S ratio

       ___– Consistent P to S ratio


       ___ – Dull Brightness

       ___ – Moderate Brightness

       ___ – Exceptional Brightness

Grade: ________ Placing_________

Best Use: _______________________________________


E - Excellent

G - Good

F - Fair

D - Dehairing needed for primary hairs

VM - Too much vegetable matter: dehair for VM

We need your help: Sign up to volunteer as a Handler or a Room Monitor

Responsibilities of Handlers

Would you like to gain hands-on experience in sorting and grading fleece? Would you enjoy and benefit from being in the front row, listening and scribing for experienced fibre sorter/graders? Would you like to expand your knowledge of fleece with one to one contact with experienced sorter/graders? If the answer is yes, the handler’s position is your perfect opportunity.

Each handler will follow the individual fleece through the entire process.

Responsibilities of Room Monitors

Purchasing Fibre

The bidding works much the same as a sealed bid. You select the colour, grade and length you wish to purchase, decide on the highest price you are willing to pay, as well as the amount of fibre you wish to purchase (in pounds) and submit your offer. The highest price wins the bid. If there is more fleece than you have requested in that category, it will go to the next highest bid. We will ask a down payment of 50% from the winning buyers. If there is not sufficient fleece for your request, the appropriate amount will be returned to you.

To place your bids to purchase fibre please complete this form and send to Corinne Côté at the address list above.

Final bids need to be in by August 2nd at 5:00 pm. The winning bidder must pay 50% of purchase by August 10th. Credit cards are the preferred method of payment. All fibre must be picked up the day of the sort-a-thon. Winning bidders will be notified and will pay remaing cost of purchace.

Minimum bids: Grade One - $8/pound

Grade Two - $8/pound

Grade Three - $7/pound

Grade Four - $6/pound

Grade Five - $6/pound

Grade Six - $4/pound

Website: Link

Download Link: Download Additioanl Details (PDF) sortathon-entry-form-navan-2016.pdf
Download Link: Download Additioanl Details (PDF) sortathon-fibre-purchasing-form.pdf
Download Link: Download Additioanl Details (PDF) sortathon-2016-entrant-form.pdf
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